Raising Funds With Smiles!

Have FUN raising funds sharing Smile-A-Grams.  Touchless fundraising with built in social distancing.

How It Works

Smile-A-Gram Fundraiser

Your students will share Smile-A-Grams, with a unique link, with friends and family via email, text, and social media.


Our Smile-A-Grams

Share-A-Thon allows parents and students to select from a list of built in Smile-A-Grams or your uploaded photo to share. Each get a personal fundraiser page.


Donors With A Smile

Watch your donations go up as Smile-A-Grams help your donors smile and give online with joy. When the fundraiser is complete, we send you your funds!

Need A No Contact Fundraiser?

Start Raising Funds With Share-a-thon, Touch Free!

Make Them Smile!

Share your profile picture or pick from our list of funny smile-a-grams to share.  Raising funds by making your donors smile, is just a few clicks away!